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Version: 4.14.5

Email component


Use the Email component to send email messages from within a flow.


The Email component has the following basic configuration options:


Defines the destination email address(es). Seperate multiple email addresses with a comma (,).

Reply to

Defines the email address(es) the receiver is sending replies to. Seperate multiple email addresses with a comma (,).


Define the sender's email address, when it should be different from the outbound email settings.


Define the subject of the email.


Set a header with the name subject before the Email component to override this field with that header's value (it cannot have multiple lines).

Exchange Body

Configure how the Exchange Body is being sent.


  • As email body (default)
  • As attachment

Select As email body and the content of the email is the message the Email component received from its preceding component. Choose As attachment if you want to add the message the Email component received from its preceding component to the email as an attachment.

attachment headers

If you sent the Exchange body As attachment:

  • The headers named CamelFileName and Content-Type can be set before the Email component (or overridden if they were already existing) to specifiy the filename and content type of the attachment.
  • If these headers are not set, a File Name will be generated and the Content-Type discovered by Dovetail.

Email Body

Define a template for the email body.


Setup Outbound Email

Configure the outbound email settings for the account you want to send emails with in the Tenant Manager under Variables: Server Settings - Outbound Email.

outbound email issues

Verify your email settings and credentials are correct by configuring it in an email application; we like to use Thunderbird for validation (download). Do not use webmail to verify your settings.

Last update on July 10, 2024