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Version: 4.14.5



In Dovetail you build your integration flows with a combination of the available components.

They are divided into 4 groups:

  • Endpoints: components that can send or receive some kind of data.
  • Construction: special components that help with creating more advanced flows.
  • Routing: components that help with routing your data in different ways.
  • Transformations: components that help with transforming data to other formats.

Use the sidebar on the left to navigate to a specific group/component.

Quick insert of variables

The (message header), (flow property) and (tenant variable) buttons indicate which variables you can use in configuration fields of components. Click the respective variable icons to insert them easily. You can either select them from the list or just define the name of the variable that you want to add and the quick insert tool will add the syntax for you.


Read more about using variables in Dovetail on this reference page.