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Version: 4.14.5

Inbound Google Drive component

The Inbound Google Drive component provides an entry point so that Google Drive files can be loaded into flows.


The Inbound Google Drive component has the following configuration options:

Access Token

This is the access token that grants you permission to connect to a Google Drive. Please refer to the SetOAuth2Token component page on how to set up access tokens.

Directory ID

This is the unique identifier of the folder where you want the Google Drive component to look for files. The root directory will be polled when left blank.

You can find the Directory ID in the browser URL when a given Google Drive directory is open. It's the string after the last slash: .../drive/folders/Directory ID.

File filter

A regex pattern can be specified to match file names that you want the component to retrieve.

Post process strategy

After a file is processed, you can choose to:

  • Move it (to a subdirectory of the folder you are polling)
  • Delete it

Move to

When the Move option in Post process strategy is selected, files will be moved to this subdirectory after processing.

Initial delay

After a flow is installed, Dovetail will wait this amount of time before starting to poll the Google Drive folder.


Dovetail will wait this amount of time between each poll of the Google Drive folder.

G Suite files strategy

G Suite files (Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc) cannot be processed in the same way of regular files so Dovetail can either Ignore or Convert them to a compatible format before processing them.


Currently the component will convert G Suite file types as shown below. It will fallback to PDF whenever it's unable to find a compatible format.

  • Google Doc*.docx
  • Google Sheet*.xlsx
  • Google Slide*.pptx
  • Google Drawing*.jpg