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Version: 4.14.5

SOAP component

The SOAP component is able to post messages to SOAP endpoints. It will wrap the body in a SOAP:Envelope and SOAP:Body creating a valid SOAP Request. When the smart option is enabled it will include all the necessary namespaces and append their prefixes on the nodes. This means you don't have to declare the namespaces in the message, the SOAP Component will add this for you.


The SOAP component has the following configuration options:

URLURL to the SOAP endpoint that must be reached.
ExtractWhether or not the SOAP component should strip away the SOAP:Envelope and SOAP:Body from the response.
Soap ActionAfter retrieving all the information from the URL you can select which method of the WSDL you want to call.
SmartWhen disabled, you will have to add all the required namespaces with their prefixes to the xml body yourself.
UsernameWhen the WSDL uses basic authentication to call the desired action, sets the username.
PasswordWhen the WSDL uses basic authentication to call the desired action, sets the password.
TokenWhen the SOAP endpoint needs an authentication token, it is set as an HTTP header called ApiToken.
Situational: HeaderWhen the chosen Soap Action requires a SOAP:Header to be set, input fields will appear where you can fill in these header values.

Header Mappings

The SOAP Component allows the user to override certain fields using pre-specified headers. The property-header mapping for this data-model is specified below:

Soap ActionDovetailSoapAction
UsernameUnable to override at this point
PasswordUnable to override at this point
Situational: HeaderUnable to override at this point

Header Types

DovetailSoapExtracttrue, false
DovetailSoapSmarttrue, false


  • This component can be chained to another endpoint. However unlike other components the output will not contain the message you posted somewhere, but will contain the response of the SOAP call.
  • The SOAP component also has a Retrieve Information button, which retrieves all the possible methods you can call from your specified SOAP endpoint.
  • The SOAP component is only capable of posting messages to SOAP endpoints, it cannot setup a SOAP endpoint.
  • Using the smart option can be slow and inefficient for larger requests, we recommend to disable this option when processing larger requests.
  • The basic authentication is only applicable on calling the SOAP Service, not for retrieving the WSDL definition.