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Version: 4.14.5

Scheduler component

The Scheduler component allows you to schedule actions on certain intervals or times.

The Scheduler has to be the first component in a flow. You can use it as a cron trigger or as a repeat trigger. They can't be combined.


The Scheduler component has the following configuration options:

Time Zone

Indicates you the time zone used by the cron. It's default is Europe/Amsterdam and it's not editable.


The type of trigger you want to use. The options are:

  • Cron to set triggers with a cron expression. This method gives a lot of customisation when to trigger a flow.
  • Repeats to set repeating triggers. This is a simple trigger that repeats n times with an interval t.


When the Cron option in Method is selected you can specify a cron expression to trigger a flow on scheduled intervals here. For example:

  • trigger every 5 min:
    0 */5 * * * ?
  • trigger every Wednesday & Friday at 10:30, 11:30, 12:30 & 13:30:
    0 30 10-13 ? * WED,FRI

To create a cron expression, you can use the built-in tool or use the Cronmaker website. Both allow you to easily define your own cron expression. The Cronmaker website additionally calculates a list of the next scheduled dates for your cron expression.

Use the Validate button to verify your cron expression is correct for use within Dovetail. For more information on Quartz Cron Trigger you can look at the Cron Trigger website.

Repeat Count

When the Repeats option in Method is selected you can specify how often a flow is repeatedly triggered. Repeat Count has to be set to -1 or >= 1. A Repeat Count set to:

  • 1 will trigger the flow 2 times. Once when installed and once after the Repeat Interval has passed
  • 9 will trigger the flow 10 times. Once when installed and 9 times after each subsequent Repeat Interval has passed
  • -1 will trigger the flow indefinitely after each subsequent Repeat Interval


It is not possible to trigger a flow only once in this version.

Repeat Interval

When the Repeats option in Method is selected you can specify the interval in milliseconds between repeating triggers, e.g. 500 (every 0.5 secs) or 5000 (every 5 secs).

Last update on Feb 19, 2024