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Version: 4.14.5

Outbound Google Drive component

The Outbound Google Drive component provides a way to save loaded files (e.g. from FTP) into Google Drive and it can also create new files given any flow exchange body.


The Outbound Google Drive component has the following configuration options:

Access Token

This is the access token that grants you permission to connect to a Google Drive. Please refer to the SetOAuth2Token component page on how to set up access tokens.

Directory ID

This is the unique identifier of the folder where this component saves the files. Files will be saved in the root directory when left blank.

You can find the Directory ID in the browser URL when a given Google Drive directory is open. It's the string after the last slash: .../drive/folders/Directory ID.


  • When saving (the exchange body to) a file the CamelFileName header has to be set. Loading a file into Dovetail, i.e. with the Inbound Google Drive, sets this header automatically. You can always edit it with the SetHeaders component.
  • Google Drive has a daily upload limit of 750gb for each individual user. A single file larger than 750gb can be uploaded, but after that the user cannot upload another file that day. For more information see the offical Google Docs.