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Version: 4.15.1

Flow Template

A Flow template is a special component that can be created by users to save a frequently used combination of components.

How to create a flow template

1. Selecting components

Open or create a flow with some components. Select the combination of components you want to save by right clicking on them. When a component is selected it will get a blue color and the Save selected components button will become active.

Selected component

2. Save the selection as a flow template

When the components are selected, they can be saved as a Flow template by clicking on the Save selected components button. A dialog will appear in which you can enter the name for the flow template. After entering a name for the Flow template, it can be save by clicking on the Save button. The new flow template will be available in the library in the group named Flow templates.

3. Using the flow template

A Flow template can be used like any other component by dragging it into the Flow designer. After dragging it in, it will load the previously selected components in the Flow designer with the same positions and connections.