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Version: 4.15.0

SetCookie component

In Dovetail you can authenticate with almost any web api available, now you can also authenticate using session cookies. With the SetCookie component you can set cookies in a Cookie Store that is available throughout the flow, for as long as it is installed. This Cookie Store will be added to every single HTTP Component called in the flow. You can remove a cookie from the Cookie Store by using the RemoveCookie Component.

The SetCookie component can be used to authenticate with web API's using Sessions. You can overwrite a cookie by it's Name and Domain.


The SetCookie component has the following configuration options:


Specify the name of the desired cookie.


Specify the value of the desired cookie.


Optionally specify the domain for which the cookie is valid.


Optionally specify the path for which the cookie is valid.

Is Secure

Enable this option to only allow this cookie for encrypted connections (HTTPS).