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Version: 4.13.3

Designer Controls

The control buttons below the canvas are also an important part of the flow designer. They allow you to save, install and delete a flow. It also shows the current state of the flow validations for the Test and Production environments.

Flow designer controls

Saving a flow

After every change to your flow the save button becomes active. After clicking the button the flow will be saved and the button will be disabled. Make sure you always save your flow before installing it, so all changes will be included.

Installing a flow

Upon installing a flow, you can choose between one of two target environments:

  • Test: a sandbox enviroment to use while designing and testing flows
  • Production: the stable environment

Both environments are virtually identical instances. The distinction should be made by the user, who is encouraged to only deploy flows to the Production environment that have proven to be stable in the Test environment.

If you're installing a draft, a new flow version will be created. You'll be asked to supply a version remark to document the changes made to the flow. If you're re-installing an existing version, it's sufficient to confirm overwriting the existing version.

Flow designer install modal

After installing an integration flow, you will get a notification to let you know the flow is installed properly.

Deleting a flow

When you don't need a flow anymore you can delete it using the delete button. Installed flows can't be deleted, you'll need to uninstall them first.

Saving selected components

There is also a button to save selected components and its meant to create flow templates. This guide gives more information about Flow Templates.