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Version: 4.15.1

List of Flows

The initial screen of the Flow Manager shows a list of installed flows in the selected environment divided in flow groups. The Flow Manager relies on installed flows being able to register themselves with the Dovetail backend. Flows that weren't able to start will not be displayed.


In the table you can:

  • Use the tabs to switch between the Test and Production view
  • Use the Filter flows field to filter on flow name within an environment
  • Use the Refresh button to load the latest data from the backend
Flow manager overview

The amount and timestamp of Completed, Pending and Failed exchanges is calculated in a background job every minute and can be outdated by a minute at the most. The information on the Flow Details page of a flow is shown on demand.

Runtime information

The Flow Manager shows general runtime information for all flows in the Test or Production environment per group. It's an overview with the most important performance statistics and settings of flows within your tenant.

Within a flow group you can:

  • Click the table headers to sort the list per column (A-Z and Z-A)
  • Use to filter the list
Flow manager runtime information

It shows the:

  • S(tatus)
    • Green: installed
    • Orange: suspended
    • Red: suspending, stopping
  • Flow name
  • Installed version
  • Tracing setting
  • Uptime
  • Amount of Completed, Pending and Failed exchanges*
  • Date and time of the Last completed and Last failed exchange*

* An exchange is the communication of a payload between 2 components in a flow.

Clicking on a flow will navigate you to the Flow Details page of that flow.