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Version: 4.14.6

Throttling component

The Throttling component is used to throttle messages, it lets a maximum amount of messages pass through to the next component per time period. It's often used to ensure that a specific endpoint does not get overloaded with requests.


The Throttling component has the following basic configuration options:

Time period

The time period for which the Max requests count is valid for, in milliseconds.

Max requests

The amount of messages passed through to the next component for each Time period.

Using Throttling

The throttling component in the image below has its Time period set to 10000 and Max requests to 5.

Throttle example

In this example all messages coming from the Inbound HTTP component will be throttled and every 10 seconds a maximum of 5 messages are passed on to the Email component.


The throttling component will halt on messages with a null body.