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Version: 4.11.0

SetHeaders component

In Dovetail each processed message consists of a body and headers. The body of a message is the actual contents of the message, e.g. the data that's being processed. The headers contain meta data and are usually used only internally by Dovetail components.

The SetHeaders component can be used to alter multiple headers of a message at once. This component is equilivant to a chain of multiple SetHeader components, for more information on how to set headers see SetHeader Component.


This component can not be used as the first component in a flow, as it expects to alter the headers of a message. To use the Set Headers component you must provide a valid message header name, expression type and a valid expression.

The Setheaders component has the following configuration options:

Header NameThe name of the header you wish to set
Expression TypeThe language of the expression. Expressions can be defined using the Simple Expression Language,
which also supports File Expression Language, or XPath 2.0
ExpressionHow you wish to change header


  • Headers in Dovetail are case-insensitive so setting a header named subject on an exchange that already has a header with the name Subject will just replace the value of the existing header named Subject.